Sortida Arenys de Mar 2n Primària

Els nens i nenes de 2n vam anar al port d’Arenys de Mar. Vam aprendre moltíssimes coses, vam fer una volta en barca i per acabar vam buscar petxines a la platja. Va ser un dia genial!

1st grade with Andreas and teacher Ana

First, all of us want to thank Andreas for being so nice with us. He’s always smiling, making jokes and playing games with us. We’re so lucky to have him this School Year! He prepared a Power Point with pictures, explanations and questions about the Monster of Loch Ness. He told us that he lives […]

We skype with Pennsylvania

3rd grade have skyped with children of Central Manor School in Pennsylvania. We were very excited! We spoke about our school, our country, our hobbies, games, the weather… We asked them about their school, their village and likes. Amish people live in their village. Amish people don’t like technology, but we are children and we […]

Visita a la Catedral i a la Sagrada Família

Els alumnes de catequesi de 1r any han realitzat una visita a la Catedral de Barcelona i a la Basílica de la Sagrada Família. Han après moltes coses tot fent d’investigadors per a trobar elements que el catequista els anava demanant i posteriorment explicant. Han estat molt receptius i han gaudit molt de totes dues […]